Is it possible to just assign the ID to the owning side of a relationship rather than querying the DB, loading the record and assigning it?

Something similar to Doctrines _getReference()

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I think that's actually the way to do it, assign the id to the owning record:

$record = new Cocktails_CocktailRecord;
$record->authorId = 10;
$record->title = "Gin Tonic";

When getting the record from the db, the record is turned into a model, at this point, records and models are only dealing with authorId, not the whole record. Your model will then have to define a getAuthor() method that will get the author user for you:

public function getAuthor()
    if ($this->authorId) {
        return craft()->users->getUserById($this->authorId);

This way your model only loads the relationship when you actually use it:

  • Yeah setting the id directly works. I thought it didn't when I first tried it but it does. Commented Nov 6, 2014 at 13:49

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