I have a plugin that accepts a form post. I need to return a notice or error, plus the original data. Starting with the notice/error first, I have tried this:

if (craft()->broadbean_jobs->createJob())
    craft()->userSession->setNotice(Craft::t('Job created.'));
    craft()->userSession->setError(Craft::t('Unable to create job.'));


How can I display the notice or error in my template?


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You can use the setFlash function in the userSession Service like this:

In your Controller:

craft()->userSession->setFlash('yourVariable', "Something happened yo!");

In your template (that the user gets redirected to):

{% set message = craft.session.getFlash('yourVariable') %}

After that just run an if-statement to see if the message is set or not.

EDIT: In Craft 3 controller:

Craft::$app->session->setFlash('yourVariable', "Something happened yo!");

In template:

{% set message = craft.app.session.getFlash('yourVariable') %}
{% if message|length > 0 %}
{% endif %}
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    You can still use setNotice and setError and display flashes with getFlash('notice') and getFlash('error') respectively Jun 11, 2016 at 10:02

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