I'm trying to get a record from my database for a UserGroup (although I'm guessing this applies to a few scenarios really - anything that isn't a Craft Element.

I'm still new to plugin development so I could be approaching this entirely wrong but I'm pretty sure I don't want to be using craft()->db->createCommand() because it might break in a future version of craft when the schema changes and I also can't do it by using craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::UserGroup); because it's not an element.

Is there a best practice for this?


You'll want to go through Craft's service layer to get things like that.

There is a UserGroupsService, which has all sorts of handy methods for retrieving UserGroups like getGroupById() and getGroupByHandle().

You can invoke these from your plugin like:

$userGroup = craft()->usergroups->getGroupById(3);
$groupName = $userGroup->name;

Note that these will return a UserGroupModel populated with your UserGroup information.

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