The default (and only) locale for my site is en, however, when trying to query the ElementService from a console command without specifying the locale in the criteria, the locale used in the query is en_us. As such, the query returns no results. For example:

namespace Craft;

class ShoppingCommand extends BaseCommand {

    public function actionListOrders() {
        $c = craft()->elements->getCriteria(ElementType::Entry);
        $c->section = 'orders';
        $c->limit = 5;
        foreach($c as $o) {
            print $o->id . ": " . $o->title . "\n";

prints nothing, even though there are entries present for the default locale en.

Printing out the query object print_r(craft()->elements->buildElementsQuery($c)); shows the :locale parameter being passed to the sql query as en_us. But this locale doesn't even exist for the site (select * from craft_locales shows only en).

The only way I could find to work around this is by adding the site's default locale to the criteria manually with:

$c->locale = craft()->i18n->getPrimarySiteLocale();

However, since the query works find without this when run in a controller, I'm skeptical that it should be needed. Is this is a bug, or is there some extra configuration i'm missing? Having some parameter to specify the locale to use for commands would make sense in mutli-locale environments, but I would still expect the default to be the site's default rather than en_us.


Turns out this is actually a bug, too.

It's going to end up being more involved to fix than a build release probably warrants, though, so it'll have to wait for the upcoming 2.3 release to get a proper fix.

In the meantime, you'll be able to get by with your workaround of manually setting it.

$c->locale = craft()->i18n->getPrimarySiteLocale();

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