I have a matrix with only one block type. and it only has videos ID's it (videoID).

I would like to have this videoID in the url and then fetch the corresponding Matrix Row.


That said: I know I could get the matrix row ID like this:

{% set test = craft.myMatrixField.id(craft.request.lastSegment()) %}
Video Id: {{ test.videoID }} 

But as the ID will change when reordering the matrix, I would like something more Permalink like and use the videoID in the URL.

Anybody knows how to achieve something like this?

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Take a look at Craft's advanced routing. You'll need to define a regex pattern in order to create the named subpattern that you want, but once you've done that you can access the variable directly in your template.

In the following example {{ year }} and {{ month }} become available as variables in the news/_archive template

'news/(?P<year>\d{4})/(?P<month>\d{2})' => 'news/_archive',

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