Im curious to hear more about what any of you are using to build "community"/ "forum" messaging options into your craft cms site.

From what I've found it seems there would be a couple of interesting options

Socialize Plugin https://dukt.net/craft/socialize

Its in private beta and I haven't tried it but it seems to have a lot of the features we would need.

The big option questions would be how to manage any group messaging features but maybe you just have a "posts" channel that users can post to?

Muut https://muut.com/

Allows for an iframe type integration. Seems to be pretty full featured but wouldnt really share any data (or logins) with craft, would be a visual integration only

Any other options

We aren't looking for a ton of features, just a way for people to login, share text and photos, and comment on those posts.

Curious if anyone out there has tackled a problem like this?

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Out side of what you have mentioned, I recall Discourse being mentioned on the Google+ Community. That's written in Ruby, though.

Vanilla Forums is open-source and written in PHP. It's also comes with SSO (Single-Sign On), and can be embedded into another site via an iframe.

There are currently no announced forum plugins native to Craft.

  • We have successfully used Vanilla and enabled SSO with Craft. Works well.
    – Dan G
    Oct 7, 2014 at 13:03
  • 1
    Hey dan, I am working on embedding vanilla which i have managed to do with SSO working just fine. Next i want vanilla to assign the roles automatically as well as defined in my craft website. The permissions are going to be based on these roles. Is there any way I can pass user groups to vanilla from the jsConnect plugin such that it appropriately sets the user's role? Apr 21, 2015 at 6:40

Muut's Small subscription ($36/month if paid yearly, $45 if paid month to month -- previously $16/$20 for a 'developer subscription') includes 'Single Sign On', so users in Craft can translate to users in Muut without having to login a second time.

BurnZone is another alternative, similar to Disqus, it's tailored to commenting. You'd have to have a user create an entry, then use BurnZone/Disqus to facilitate comments on that entry. Both Disqus and BurnZone have 'Single Sign On' included as a free feature.


The Simple Machines Forum (SMF) is pretty good as far as forums go, comparing favorably to PHPBB. I've used Craft's bootstrapping capability to integrate Craft templates into SMF templates pretty easily:

// Bootstrap Craft
$craft = include '/path/to/craft/app/bootstrap.php';

// Save the output of the specified Craft template
$header = $craft->templates->render('includes/header');

// Show the saved output
echo $header;

I guess that holds for any PHP-based forum, of course.

It doesn't cover SSO, though.

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