On the license enforcement help page, it says there are a number of checks to determine whether or not a domain is public. One of those checks is the following:

Does it have a dev-sounding subdomain (e.g. ‘dev’, ‘local’, ‘loc’, ‘test’, ‘testing’, ‘stage’, or ‘staging’)?

My question is, is there a sure-fire way of determining whether or not a subdomain is dev-sounding? For instance, what if my subdomain has the string 'staging' (e.g. http://staging-subdomain.mysite.com). Or what if it was just an unconventional sounding subdomain (e.g. http://www-next.mysite.com)?

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http://staging-subdomain.mysite.com would be considered a dev domain because we look for any of those keywords in the subdomain part of the URL.

http://www-next.mysite.com would be considered a public domain because it does not meet any of the criteria.

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