Just deployed to a server which has the following open_basedir setting:


The webroot is at


and craft is at


So all standard however I'm still getting this:

Could not find your craft/ folder. Please ensure that $craftPath is set correctly in /var/www/vhosts/domain.com/httpdocs/public_html/index.php

Any suggestions please?

  • You sure it's an open_basedir problem and not a permissions one? What are the perms on the craft folder?
    – Brad Bell
    Oct 23 '14 at 21:33
  • I've tried 777 and set the right owner. Switching from Apache to CGI or FastCGI works but then I am unable to upload assets as I get a 500 on the ajax upload and nothing in the logs (this is on a Plesk/CentOS box)
    – Russ Back
    Oct 23 '14 at 21:42
  • Did you check the Apache logs and the Craft logs (craft/storage/runtime/logs)?
    – Brad Bell
    Oct 23 '14 at 22:20
  • Nothing in Craft logs, will check Apache. Interestingly, the URL in the control panel on the site name (top left) links to the domain defined in local config, not live, even though the domain config looks correct. The upload destination uses basePath and baseUrl from environmentVariables in config so perhaps that's it?
    – Russ Back
    Oct 24 '14 at 10:22
  • 1
    I'm not sure I'm following... probably worth adding an official answer to this one and starting a new question with more details on what you're seeing.
    – Brad Bell
    Oct 24 '14 at 17:07

The problem here was the URL in the database was wrong. I had assumed that config was entirely file-based but it seems that the config file is dependent upon the database Site URL. It would be great if this could be avoided as it makes deployment between environments so much easier without paths or URLs in the DB.

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