Is there a possibility to ad a 'superscript' button to redactor?

Edit: I found an explanation here: How can I use <small> <sub> <sub> within a redactor/rich-text field?

But I can't get it to work.

I copy this snippet form: http://imperavi.com/redactor/examples/buttons-sup-and-sub/ to craft/app/resources/lib/redactor/plugins/subsup.js

if (!RedactorPlugins) var RedactorPlugins = {};

RedactorPlugins.scriptbuttons = function()
    return {
        init: function()
            var sup = this.button.add('superscript', 'Superscript');
            var sub = this.button.add('subscript', 'Subscript');

            // make your added buttons as Font Awesome's icon
            this.button.setAwesome('superscript', 'fa-superscript');
            this.button.setAwesome('subscript', 'fa-subscript');

            this.button.addCallback(sup, this.scriptbuttons.formatSup);
            this.button.addCallback(sub, this.scriptbuttons.formatSub);
        formatSup: function()
        formatSub: function()

Then I call the plugin in a custom.json file like this:

    buttons: ['link','bold', 'italic','unorderedlist','orderedlist','image','html'],
    plugins: ['fullscreen', 'subsup'],
    toolbarFixedBox: true

But that results in nothing. What do I miss?

  • Nobody knows this? :( – KSPR Oct 29 '14 at 15:06
  • Is this now a thing? now that Redactor has been updated as well? – KSPR Dec 22 '15 at 8:31

I had a similar problem so created a plugin to add some of these extras to Redactor.

Redactor Extras for Craft

https://github.com/elliotlewis/Redactor-Extras Available plugin are:

  • Superscript and Subscript
  • Word count
  • Alignment
  • Custom plugin
  • Works like a charm. – KSPR Feb 17 '16 at 14:00

I had a similar problem and ended up creating my own fieldtype that extended a RichText field.

I think there is an oversight in Craft, where additional Redactor plugins aren't loaded even if they are specified in the config.json. But perhaps I'm missing something too?

A simple solution would be to hardcode the loading of the plugin in craft/app/fieldtypes/RichTextFieldType.php.

Within the function _includeFieldResources():

add the line:


after the default plugins specified.

Obviously modifying a core file is not recommended, but this should enable a temporary fix. I have built a plugin which autoloads js/css depending on what is specified in the config, but this isn't currently ready for general release. Let me know if your interested.


This isn't an answer, but I can't comment yet.

Craft is out-of-sync with the current version of the Redactor docs. Redactor is on version 10, while the latest Craft build is still on version 9.2.6.

There were a number of breaking changes and additions to version 10 of Redactor, but for some reason Redactor does not maintain a docs archive. So for the moment, we don't have a reliable source for Redactor docs.

See this answer for more from Craft on this.

  • Thanks for your hints. I guess I'll wait then. I don't want to alter core files. – KSPR Dec 2 '14 at 9:02
  • Okay, so now redactor is on v10 within craft 2.3 Ist there a possible solution now without corefile editing? – KSPR Dec 3 '14 at 11:28

I made another pretty easy solution:

{{ entry.redactor | nl2br | replace({'/m3': '/m<sup>3</sup>'}) | raw }}

It just replaces the units with the coresponding html markup. It works nice :) But you need to know which units are used.

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