To set the maximum number of tag fields that can be added to a tag field, we created a custom module for validation.
I used this as a reference, but it seems to be done a little differently in craft5. https://github.com/craftcms/cms/issues/976

The source code I implemented is below.
TagField was not countable, it maybe not ArrayValidator...

private function attachEventHandlers(): void
    Event::on(Entry::class, Entry::EVENT_DEFINE_RULES, function(DefineRulesEvent $e) {
        $entry = $e->sender;

        if ($entry->section->handle == 'mysection') {
            $e->rules[] = [
                'count' => [0,5],
                'on' => Entry::SCENARIO_LIVE,
                'message' => 'You can set up to 5 keywords.'

Please, let me know your best practice.


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