I've been trying to send Commerce emails via two different domains but I'm having very little luck getting it working fully.

In app.php I have something like this:

'mailer' => function() {
  $settings = App::mailSettings();
  $orderId = Craft::$app->request->getQueryParam('orderId');
  $order = Order::find()->id($orderId)->one();
  $siteHandle = $order->orderSite->handle;

  if ($siteHandle === 'siteB') {
    $transportSettings = $settings['transportSettings'];

    $settings->fromEmail = App::env('EMAIL_FROM_EMAIL_B');
    $settings->fromName  = App::env('EMAIL_FROM_NAME_B');

    $settings->transportType = $settings['transportType'];
    $settings->transportSettings = [
      'username'          => App::env('EMAIL_USERNAME_B'),
      'password'          => App::env('EMAIL_PASSWORD_B'),
      'host'              => $transportSettings['host'],
      'port'              => $transportSettings['port'],
      'useAuthentication' => $transportSettings['useAuthentication'],
  $config = App::mailerConfig($settings);
  return Craft::createObject($config);

This does work but only when emails are sent via web requests. Once they're sent via the queue then obviously Craft::$app->request no longer exists.

I've not sure how to get the context of the email or the queue job at this point.

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The answer seems to be to drop the mailer component modification completely.

There's a Yii method setTransport() which can be called via Commerce's EVENT_BEFORE_SEND_MAIL event.

    function(MailEvent $event) {
        $order = $event->order;

        $orderSite = $order->orderSite->handle;

        if ($orderSite === 'siteB') {

            $craftEmail = $event->craftEmail;
                App::env('EMAIL_FROM_EMAIL_B') => App::env('EMAIL_FROM_NAME_B')

            $settings = App::mailSettings();
            $transportSettings = $settings['transportSettings'];

            $config = [
                'scheme'   => 'smtp',
                'host'     => $transportSettings['host'],
                'port'     => $transportSettings['port'],
                'username' => App::env('EMAIL_USERNAME_B'),
                'password' => App::env('EMAIL_PASSWORD_B'),


Possibly necessary to set the transport back to default by using the EVENT_AFTER_SEND_MAIL event too.

  • You should be able to access the Mailer instance that created the email by doing $event->craftEmail->mailer, which means you should be able to do $event->craftEmail->mailer->setTransport(..., which might mean you could change the mailer config temporarily for just this email and not have to bother with resetting the config?
    – Jalen Davenport
    Commented May 17 at 19:31

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