Trying to debug a form issue which is only happening on a live server (it works on our local environments).

The form makes a fetch request (using Javascript) to a route in routes.php which goes to a controller. I can see the data sent to the controller has the email address in the email field, but when it comes to the controller the field is empty.

I'm using:

$request = Craft::$app->getRequest();
$emailAddress = $request->getBodyParam('email');

$emailAddress is always empty on the live/staging/dev server.

The main difference between our local environments (we're using a mix of Mac, Windows, Herd, and DDEV) is that the servers are running REDDIS.

I've found similar issues with Craft 3 on here, but we're using Craft 5.1.2.

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Discovered there was an NGINX config that was adding trailing slashes to URLs. Posting to the URL /api/controller-action was getting changed to /api/controller-action/ and emptying the POST data.

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