I am using Craft Commerce and want to edit the order after it has been completed by the customer. For this I am using the EVENT_AFTER_COMPLETE_ORDER event.

            function (Event $event) {
                $order = $event->sender;
                $order = Order::find()->id($order->id)->one();

                if (!$order) {
                    throw new \Exception('Invalid order ID: ' . $this->id);

                if ($order->shippingMethodHandle === 'DHL' && !$order->parcelNumber) {
                    $order->setFieldValue("parcelNumber", 5005);

                    if (!Craft::$app->getElements()->saveElement($order)) {
                        Craft::error('Automatic creation of Mikropakket label has failed.', __METHOD__);

I can correctly read the values in the $order variable but saving the parcelNumber does not seem to work. There are no errors and when I debug with Xdebug I can see that the saveElement method is being called. When looking at the order the parcelNumber field is empty.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

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It seems that the following line was not needed. $order = Order::find()->id($order->id)->one(); When I removed it everything works as expected.

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