The error I'm receiving is: Call to a member function getRenderLanguage() on null

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My Code (Edit - simplified):

 $mergeService = new Merger();
 $batchFileName = 'VAT-' . $country . ( $date ? '-' . $date : '');
 foreach ($orders as $order) {
   $orderPdf = Commerce::getInstance()->getPdfs()->renderPdfForOrder($order, '', null);
 $batchPdf = $mergeService->merge();

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According to the error, the issue is that $pdf is null... so maybe the variable name is wrong, or there's some other upstream issue that's causing $pdf to not exist.


I got in touch with Craft support and this was a bug that the Craft Commerce team fixed in Craft v4. They were kind enough to backport the fix to v3. Should work for anyone else moving forward!

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