I'm not able to query a list of items relatet to a category or if category field is empty in the same query. I have to make two and merge them.

Is it not possible?

This works:

{# Fetch entries related to the specified category #}
{% set relatedDetails = plan.policyDetails
                              .relatedTo({ targetElement: block.category.one(), field: 'category' })
                              .all() %}
{# Fetch entries without any category assigned #}
{% set unassignedDetails = plan.policyDetails.category(':empty:').all()%}
{# Combine the two sets of entries #}
{% set customDetails = relatedDetails|merge(unassignedDetails)|unique %}

This does not work (does not include entries that has empty category field):

{% set customDetails = plan.policyDetails
        { targetElement: block.category.one(), field: 'category' },
        { targetElement: ':empty:', field: 'category' } // Check for empty category
    .all() %}


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