Is there already a solution or plugin that can be used to create/maintain popups in the control panel, which are then displayed to the user in the frontend? For example, I would like to create a pop-up to draw people's attention to my newsletter. Or to offer a discount code for special occasions/seasons, for example. It would be good if the popup would also work for commerce.

I only found plugins for third-party services, but I would like to manage everything in-house myself.

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This is not really the kind of thing that Craft would be opinionated about, and wouldn't be suited to a plugin either - it's not Wordpress! Craft's blank-canvas approach to the front end means that you (or your developer if you're not one) would build this functionality yourself using Craft entries (or Commerce discounts, or some combination thereof), pulling them into front end popups wherever you want, based on your preferred logic.

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