I have built a custom plugin and have a css file that is being injected as an assetbundle. This works great but when I want to set a background image (SVG in this case) I'm not sure what the path should be. I would like to store the SVG inside the plugin folder and not in the main project. Should I store the SVG in the resources folder or create a web folder like some other plugins seem to do?

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For assets (images, CSS, JS) stored in your plugin's source folder, you'll need a published file URL to use them in front-end or control panel templates.

Essentially, in "publishing" a file, Craft will copy it to the cpresources folder under your web root - meaning that it's eventual URL will be something like https://foo.ddev.site/cpresources/1sdfasz/icon.svg.

Assuming your icon lives in a resources folder inside your plugin, here's how to do it in PHP and Twig, respectively:

$url = \Craft::$app->assetManager->getPublishedUrl(
{% set iconUrl = craft.app.assetManager.getPublishedUrl('@vendor/plugin/resources/icon.svg', true) %}

Note that the '@vendor/plugin' part should be replaced with your plugin's auto-generated Yii alias.

See the official docs for more info!


I managed to get it working thanks to the awesome Craft CMS support.

As explained in the question I already had my CSS and JS files registered and working in the plugin. The assetbundle's sourcePath is @vendor/plugin_handle/resources/dist/ So I had to move my SVG inside the dist folder.

Then in the css file I just had to adjust the path to the SVG relative to the css file. In my case it was ../img/icon.svg

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