We are trying to run Craft CMS not under example.com but under example.com/subpath. So we want the following paths:

  • Frontend: example.com/subpath
  • controlPanel: example.com/subpath/admin

In the .env


Which is also used inside the Settings for the base url.

In the general.php

        '@web' => App::env('PRIMARY_SITE_URL'),
        '@webroot' => dirname(__DIR__) . '/web',

Everything "works". Except axios requests. For example: trying to login to the controlpanel results into an 404. Because it tries to call http://example.com/index.php?p=admin%2Factions%2Fusers%2Flogin&v=1709708188780

deleting the cpressourcen does nothing. axios somewhere gets the wrong base url.

I think im missing a setting. I don not thing their is a problem with the webserver?


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Das Problem lag an der Craft CMS Version < 4.8.1 / 4.8.2.

Konnte mit 4.8.3 geloest werden.

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