Google Search Console lists page urls that include a query string /index.php?={some_page_name}. I have not been to figure out why. This occurs with valid pages as well as some urls that have redirects. All of the redirects precede the RewriteRule (.+) index.php?p=$1 [QSA,L] in the htaccess file.

I see this on virtually all of my Craft sites. Can anyone explain why?


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When you add variables to the URL each URL will represent a different content so google will consider each one of them as a unique URL, if you do not want this behavior to happen you can replace these URL with post request ( so the variables are not listed in the URL )

hope this help.

  • Thanks for the reply, Salah! Having url parameters in not the issue here. Here is an example of what is happening: I have this url: /recipes/goat-cheese-fondue. It appears that way in my sitemap and Google indexes it just fine. However, in Search Console Google lists this as well: /index.php?p=recipes/goat-cheese-fondue, and tells me it did not index it because it found an alternate page with a proper canonical tag. The question is, how is Google getting that url with the query parameter during a site crawl?
    – Roi Agneta
    Feb 7 at 19:50
  • If he provided the website in question , we could find out the real issue. Feb 11 at 9:04

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