I have an headless site that is using GraphQL and we have one query that need to do some calculation before returning the results.

I was planing to create a behaviours in Craft with a property that return the result.

If I'm querying the entry :


The behaviours return what it is supposed.

If i'm building a GraphQL query I've got an error saying that the field cannot be query.

query MyQuery {
  product {
    id, title, totalResult

Is there a way for GraphQL to have access to this property or is there a simple workaround to create a custom query without having to create a separate api?

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You can register your field into GraphQL by TypeManager::EVENT_DEFINE_GQL_TYPE_FIELDS event here is an example:

            static function(DefineGqlTypeFieldsEvent $event) {
                if ($event->typeName === 'your_entry_type') {
                $event->fields['totalResults'] = [
                    'name' => 'totalResults',
                    'type' => Type::string(,
                    'resolve' => function($source) {
                        /** @var Entry $event */
                        $entry = $source;
                        return $entry->totalResults;

Please note your_entry_type is the typeName, if I am not wrong the format is section_entryType_type

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