i am trying to set the url format for some entries to include the category slugs set for it within a category entry field - i can get the first one like this


but cannot figure out how to get the second one (the 2nd one is optional and is a sub-cat of category1 also so not sure how to do some optional logic for it within the 'Entry URI Format')

so the url could be category1/slug OR category1/catgeory2/slug

Any ideas anyone? Thanks

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You can use .all() to get all selected categories in order. Since the URI format is a Twig template, you can use some Twig filters to output all selected categories as path segments:

{{ eventCategory.all()|column('slug')|join('/')/{{ slug }}

The column filter will extract the slug property from the array of entries, and join will join the array of slugs to a single string separated by slashes /.

This will result in category1/slug for an entry with only one category, and category1/category2/slug for entries with two categories. It will also work for any number of selected categories (though you may want a different format in this case).

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