I have some products with categories that go 4 and sometimes 5 levels deep. The site will have an overview page for the first 2 levels. For example: my-website.com/category/subcategory

I have created a section called Product categories which has URL's enabled and links to a template. Can I prevent the deeper levels from having their own URL?

I thought about just returning a 404 inside the template when the level is higher than 2 but the sitemap will still include all these useless URL's.

Another option would be to create the main categories structure with max 2 levels and create another structure for the deeper levels which could be linked to each other. That way a product section would have a Category (first 2 levels) and a Type (deeper levels) field. The only problem here is that I don't want the Type field to contain all possible values. I want it to be filtered based on the chosen category.

Is one of these options possible?

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    Don't compromise your content model for the sake of a sitemap. If you really care that much about sitemaps (I don't believe you should), then amend your sitemap template to not output your level 3+ entries, and 301-redirect them to their parent. Commented Sep 1, 2023 at 8:27


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