I have a hosting account running Craft 4.4.17 with a structure like this:

        craft's usual files and folder arrangement
        domainname.tld <-- web root

I'm struggling to define the path for the @webroot alias in config/general.php so that it evaluates to /home/accname/domainname.tld. That's what supposed to happen right?

Is there an invariant way to express the path that should work for this structure or is it subject to hosting variables I don't have sight of?

Doesn't dirname(__DIR__) in this context evaluate to home/accname ? – and therefore the following should work:

'@webroot' => dirname(__DIR__) . '/domainname.tld',

For some reason that doesn't work but I don't know why. Perhaps I have fundamentally misunderstood something.

Why I say it doesn't work is because when I set a Filesystem's Base path explicitly with something like:


…file uploads, previews, and transforms work.

But when I use the above dirname strategy and apply:


…things break.

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We put all of Craft's codebase into a craft folder where I work, so its along the same type of edit as what you're experiencing. Here's where you need to edit:

  1. general.php config file '@webroot' => dirname(__DIR__) . '/domainname.tld', you already did this, great!

  2. bootstrap.php file

  3. Craft executable file

Try that out!

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