This seems more like a PHP question than a Craft CMS question, but since it's related to an entry query I'm trying to create I figured someone from the Craft community might know. I'm having trouble creating a query that excludes some IDs that are pulled from another entry field. (It's a blog with a "Featured Entries" field at the top, if there are featured entries, they should be excluded from the feed below.)

My code looks like this:

$excluded = implode(',',$entry->featuredMedia->ids());
$entries = Entry::find()->section('blog');
$entries->id(['not', $excluded);

Which results in an error "Invalid numeric value: 1602,1630" (The IDs of my excluded entries)

Strangely enough, this example works:

$excluded = $entry->featuredMedia->ids();
$entries = Entry::find()->section('blog');
$entries->id(['not', $excluded[0], $excluded[1]]);

I know this has something to do with implode() returning a string instead of numeric values, but I can't figure out how to get the right format.

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The implode function will turn the array of IDs into a comma-separated string. Then you're putting that into an array with 'not' as the first element, so the parameter you're passing to id() looks like this:

['not', '1602,1630']

This isn't one of the supported formats – if you want to exclude a list of IDs, you pass an array of IDs with 'not' as the first element:

['not', 1602, 1630]

Instead of using implode, you can use the array returned by your first query as-is, only adding 'not' at the beginning using array_unshift:

$excluded = $entry->featuredMedia->ids();
array_unshift($excluded, 'not');

$entries = Entry::find()
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    That worked perfectly and seems obvious in retrospect. Thanks for the help! Commented Jun 23, 2023 at 16:49

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