I need to allow manual payments for Craft Commerce subscriptions. Typical users for this industry sector require an invoice and then make a bank transfer, and don't want to use credit card. It's low volume, high value so a small amount of admin per sale is OK.

Unfortunately, manual payment gateway option is not available when selecting a gateway for a subscription plan in Craft CP.

So far I've tried:

  • Create a free plan, then manually switch user to another plan in CP once the user has made a bank transfer. Problem: even a free plan requires a credit card with Stripe gateway. Maybe there's a setting I can change so if the price is 0 it doesn't need a credit card? Or another gateway that will let me do this?

  • Create a plan with a free trial, then switch them. Again, can't do
    this without credit card details.

  • Create a subscription in Stripe manually. Problem: doesn't sync with Craft. Maybe I can trigger this somehow?

  • Create a subscription inside the CP. Problem: doesn't appear to be
    possible. Maybe I can do this by building a custom plugin?

The only workaround I've found that works is to use a dummy gateway, and use hidden fields populated with the dummy credit card details. Is there a security reason I shouldn't do this on a live site? I'm running out of options here.

This is all in test mode on a dev server. Craft & Craft Commerce v4, recent install


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Are there features of Commerce subscriptions that you would need? If you are doing manual payments via invoice, why not use a normal Commerce product and the deferred payment at checkout?

  • Thanks for commenting. I did consider that but users log in to the front end and I check their subscription plan/status in order to show them content. Also I do need subscriptions functionality in the back end and the client would find this confusing. If only I could manually create a subscription in the back end like you can in stripe. Seems like a big piece of missing functionality that would be needed even in more standard use cases. I signed up to CraftQuest by the way ;) Jun 23, 2023 at 8:44

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