I want to apply custom CSS to 1 page and am wondering if there is an easy way to do either of the following:

-add some code to the Craft Template file that has the opening tag that can add an ID based on page slug

-or add a custom body id to any specific page within the "Entries" panel on the backend.

thanks in advance for any insight! Andy

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Depending on how your template architecture is set up, it could be as simple as using the css tag...

{% css %}
/* Any CSS that applies only to this page */
.example {
    color: red;
{% endcss %}
  • You might want to add to your example with a field in the backend and {% css %}{{ entry.cssFieldMarkup }}{% endcss %} or {% if entry.id == ID %}{% css %}...{% endcss %}{% endif %}. @Andy: in general I always prefer to have the info in the entry as a field (your second approach). Commented Jun 22, 2023 at 11:59

Another option could be to add the entry id as a style hook and then scope your styles to that:

<body class="{% if entry %} entryId-{{ entry.id }}{% endif %}">

Then in your css simply target the ID, e.g: .entryId-19 { color: #bada55 }

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