I'm trying to create an or query with 2 related fields and 1 title field. My version so far is this:

    ['relatedTo', 'targetElement' => $ids, 'field' => 'field1'],
    ['relatedTo', 'targetElement' => $ids, 'field' => 'field2'],
    ['like', 'title', $search]

But with that query I keep getting the error: Undefined array key 0

$ids is not empty.

Any suggestions?

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I think relatedTo should not be used in that place, but should be used on the $searchQuery object instead:

    ['field' => 'field1', 'targetElement' => $ids],
    ['field' => 'field2', 'targetElement' => $ids],
  ->search('title:' ~ $search);

That being said, this would not give you the results that I think you're looking for (elements related to the $ids, OR with the title you searched for). To be honest, I don't think this can be done with one query, but maybe someone else knows the trick?

  • Yeah thanks for the reply but that solution is idd an AND not an OR. I used a workaround to get it to work. I posted it below.
    – bartpulse
    Commented Jun 16, 2023 at 10:59

Used an two step workaround by splitting it in 2 queries, merging the ids and searching by id in a 3rd query.

$searchUsersIds = User::find()->search($search['rawSearch'])->ids();

$searchUserResultIds = [];
if(!empty($searchUsersIds)) {
    $searchUserQuery =  clone $searchQuery;
            ['targetElement' => $searchUsersIds, 'field' => 'field1'],
            ['targetElement' => $searchUsersIds, 'field' => 'field2']

    $searchUserResultIds = $searchUserQuery->ids();

$searchCompanyQuery = clone $searchQuery;
$searchCompanyResultIds = $searchCompanyQuery->search($search['rawSearch'])->ids();

$companyEntryIds = array_merge($searchUserResultIds, $searchCompanyResultIds);

if(!empty($companyEntryIds)) {

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