I am trying to optimize sql dump postgres database importation. My dumps weights about 1.5Go and it takes about 2 hours to import schema and data. My architecture is dockerized.

Did you faced this kind of issue ?

Do you advice to run more parallel postgres jobs or to remove some useless tables ?

[EDIT] I am using the classic craft cli command :

craft db/backup

All the best,


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By default, Craft won’t backup the data in these tables:


So those could be good candidates if you're looking to exclude data.

You don't say how the backup was make (psql vs. pg_dump, single line inserts vs. multiline, etc.), but generally speaking, using pg_dump with --format=custom so it does a binary dump and pairing it with pg_restore is going to be faster than plain text based dumps to restore.

  • True, these tables are already empty : assetindexdata, assettransformerindex, cache, sessions, templatecaches, templatecachecriteria, templatecacheelements. I will use pg_dump which is more low level with more options. Thanks ! Commented Jun 13, 2023 at 8:03

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