I have several custom fields on craftcms (cp/settings/fields), and some of them are dropdowns.

I'm trying to get this custom fields data (for example the dropdown options) on graphql, because we are using this data in another system out of CraftCMS, but I really do not have any idea on how to do it.


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Here's an example of how you can retrieve the options for a dropdown field:

use craft\gql\base\FieldType;
use GraphQL\Type\Definition\Type;

class DropdownField extends FieldType
    public static function getTypeName(): string
        return 'DropdownField';

    public static function getFieldDefinition(): array
        return [
            'name' => 'options',
            'type' => Type::listOf(Type::string()),
            'args' => [
                'fieldHandle' => Type::nonNull(Type::string()),
            'resolve' => function ($root, $args) {
                $fieldHandle = $args['fieldHandle'];
                $options = [];
                $field = Craft::$app->getFields()->getFieldByHandle($fieldHandle);
                if ($field) {
                    $options = $field->settings['options'];
                return $options;

You can register this field by adding it to your module's init method:

use craft\gql\base\Type;

class MyModule extends \yii\base\Module
    public function init()

        // Register GraphQL type for custom fields
            function (DefineGqlTypesEvent $event) {
                $event->types[] = DropdownField::class;

With this code in place, you can now query the options for a dropdown field using GraphQL, for example:

  entry(id: 123) {
    ... on MyEntryType {
      myDropdownField(options: {fieldHandle: "myDropdownField"}) {

This would return the options for the myDropdownField custom field on the MyEntryType entry with ID 123.

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