I have Entries with a Matrix field called events. I have an Entries field and a Dropdown field inside those Matrix blocks (block type event). I'm currently filtering by entry using andRelatedTo(['and', {targetElement: entry.id, field: 'events.entry'}]).

I would also like to add the ability to filter via the dropdown, but I'm unsure of how I can target that dropdown:

{% set eventsQuery = craft.entries({
  section: 'events',
  events.event.dropdown: 'categoryOne'
}) %}

## I'm doing this with Sprig, so adding the relations this way
{% do eventsQuery.andRelatedTo(['and', {targetElement: entry.id, field: events.entry}]) %}

events.event.dropdown: 'categoryOne' is how it would work in my mind, but obviously is incorrect.

Can anyone show me how I could add the dropdown inside a Matrix block as a filter? Thanks!

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You'll need to do a matrixBlocks query first to get the IDs of all the relevant matrix blocks, then your entries query referencing those ids:

{% set blockIds = craft.matrixBlocks.field('events').type('event').dropdown('categoryOne').ids() %}
{% set eventsQuery = craft.entries.section('events').events(blockIds) %}

(Or here's the same thing if you really prefer the object syntax)...

{% set blockIds = craft.matrixBlocks({
    field: 'events',
    type: 'event',
    dropdown: 'categoryOne'
}).ids() %}
{% set eventsQuery = craft.entries({
    section: 'events',
    events: blockIds
}) %}


  • Thanks for the answer! I'm not sure if it'll work with the way I'm filtering stuff in Sprig, but I'll see how I go.
    – bigdev
    Commented Mar 3, 2023 at 12:54
  • So I think this is my issue {% set blockIds = craft.matrixBlocks.type('event').dropdown('categoryOne').ids() is returning the same number of items no matter the category set. It doesn't seem to filter them that way.
    – bigdev
    Commented Mar 3, 2023 at 13:01
  • 1
    Looks like you just need to specify the Matrix field too: {% set blockIds = craft.matrixBlocks.field('events').type('event').dropdown('categoryOne').ids() %} Bingo! Thanks!
    – bigdev
    Commented Mar 3, 2023 at 13:30

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