I have Redactor customized like this


    "imagePosition": {
  "left": "image-left",
  "right": "image-right",
  "center": "image-center"

This works fine, and generates <figure class="image-left"> for example.

However, when I add additional options:

"imagePosition": {
  "left 1/2": "image-left",
  "left 1/3": "image-left-onehalf",
  "right 1/2": "image-right",
  "right 1/3": "image-right-onethird", 
  "center": "image-center"


They do not appear in the dropdown. They are in the page source, however.

Am I misunderstanding how this customization works?

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I don't know if this helps, but I'm using the redactor-image-class plugin and my json looks like this:

    "imageClasses" : [
    { "label": "Right 30%(portrait)",   "class": "right30" },
    { "label": "Right 50%(landscape)",  "class": "right50" },
    { "label": "Full width",   "class": "fullWidth", "default": true }
  • Thanks! I submitted a request to edit the install instructions slightly. The imageclass.js file needs to go in craft/config/redactor/plugins/ and that makes things work.
    – 4midori
    Mar 16, 2023 at 20:41

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