I'm working on a very old Craft CMS v2 (Craft commerce v1) website. This site sells tickets and occasionally has issues where people successfully pay for their tickets but the system doesn't get updated. Normally I can just go into the DB and update the orders, but this order was placed a couple of months ago and the order (or cart, actually) has been purged.

What I did was create a new order, added the lineitems and added purchased_tickets (part of the ticketing plugin the site uses)

The problem I'm having though is that the order is not showing up in the order overview, nor in the list of active or inactive carts. We have a custom admin page where you can see the purchased tickets. The purchased tickets for the order are visible there, but neither the order id nor the email of the order user is being shown.

Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this? Is there something I still have to add in the DB somewhere? The order has isCompleted set to true and has a dateOrdered

== Update ===
I've also updated craft_content and craft_elements with the corresponding rows, but still not showing up


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