I want to change the dates of entries before the dates I actually edited the entries, I am trying to look in the database and I can't figure out which dates need to be changed. I have entries in Craft CMS of past dates and was looking for a way to alter those dates. I know I can manually alter it in the template by simply leaving the {{ post.postDate | date("d") }} and {{ post.postDate | date("M") }} or the same with entry.postDate leave it like it is but is there a way in Craft to do it easier and leave the template like it is?

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You can change the postDate of any entry manually through the entry edit form. Click on the Post Date input field in the sidebar to the right, there you can set the post date to whatever date and time you wish.

Screenshot of the entry edit page showing the post date input with the opened date picker

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    Thanks, i found it later how srupid i am, common sense but sometimes I don’t think that way. Commented Feb 10, 2023 at 21:20

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