I want to query a list of all folders in a specific volume in my front-end template (loggedin users only). I'll need the folderId to display all files of the selected folder.

The idea is to show a list of folders on the left side, right displays a list of files in the selected folder on the left side. The folders need to be the same as in the backend.

{% set assets = craft.assets().volume('handle').folderId(folderId) %}
<ul class="files_folders">
    {% for folder in folders %}
        <li><a href="{{ url('folderId=' ~ folder.id) }}">{{ folder.title }}</a></li>
    {% endfor %}
<ul class="files__list">
    {% for asset in assets %}
        <li><a href="{{ craft.digitalDownload.url(asset, options) }}">{{ asset.title }}</a></li>
    {% endfor %}

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You can use craft\services\Assets::getAllDescendantFolders to get a list of folders in a given folder. To list all folders in the root folder of the volume, you first need to find the root folder using craft\services\Assets::getRootFolderByVolumeId.

{% set myVolume = craft.app.volumes.getVolumeByHandle('handle') %}
{% set rootFolder = craft.app.assets.getRootFolderByVolumeId(myVolume.id) %}
{% set foldersInRootFolder = craft.app.assets.getAllDescendantFolders(rootFolder) %}

This will return an array of VolumeFolder models that you can iterate through. If you need a hierarchical list, you can access the children with the VolumeFolder::children property, or use craft\services\Assets::getFolderTreeByFolderId to get a hierarchical list. To find all assets in a given folder, use an asset query with the folderId parameter.

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