I'm generating base64 encoded strings of very small image transforms to display a blurred version of images while the bigger asset is loading.

I'm trying to get the cached transform path (if it already exists) as I need to extract the actual file content via file_get_contents().

I tried this:


But this returns the original asset path, so setTransform is ignored.

The workaround I currently use is:

$url = $asset->getUrl('rendition8');
$baseUrl = UrlHelper::siteUrl();
$imgUrl = str_replace($baseUrl, '/', $url);
$fullPath = Craft::getAlias('@storage') . $imgUrl;

Which is not great...

Is there any other asset method I'm missing? Maybe it just doesn't exist because the transformed resource might not be generated yet?


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There’s a discussion on that question, here at Stackexchange. There I wrote:

It’s not possible to get a dataUrl from a resized asset at this time, not even in Craft 4.

There’s already an issue for that: https://github.com/craftcms/cms/discussions/11388.

In an older, closed issue, the reason is explained: https://github.com/craftcms/cms/issues/10108.

It is said to be possible with the Imager X plugin. And there is a dedicated Blur Hash Plugin.

However: We are discussing and testing it currently. Best will be to read the discussion.

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