I am trying to update a craft website. However this fails. Looking into the migrations table, there were no migrations where track column is "craft", there were some where the track was "plugin:xx".

So there are migrations trying to run, that have already been applied (but are not in the migrations table). I manually entered the rows for the migrations that were already applied. Now when doing "craft migrate/all" it lists the craft updates without the ones I entered manually.

But now some of the plugin migrations (that were initially in the database) are also showing up on the "craft migrate/all" list and failing when trying to apply them (since these migration have already been applied before. e.g. the migration table Migration command

Is there another place where info about migrations is taken from? Or why are these migrations showing up.

When executing craft migrate/new or craft migrate/up it shows enter image description here

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For reference: what was missing in the table was the correct pluginId for each plugin migration.

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