I have a slider in my craft website where images are showing as item. When I hover on image it will display none and video will play. There are lots of video files. So when i refresh the page then it is taking time for loading because of video files. Any idea how can i fetch video from server when hover on image ?

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document.querySelectorAll('.my-video').forEach(video => {
  video.addEventListener("mouseenter", function () {
  video.addEventListener("mouseleave", function () {

You also need to add lazy loading, you can go 2 ways, but firstly change video attribute "preload" to "none"(<video preload="none"...) and then

  1. Load video on hover


  2. Or make via Intersection Observer (as soon as you scroll to the container with the video, it loads)

  • The first approach is satisfying my requirement. Thanks Commented Sep 7, 2022 at 7:24

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