I have a strange issue on my local development environment and am unsure how to diagnose it. I have very minimal ability to read logs, but I've had a glance and can't see anything related.

Essentially, I don't seem to be getting any errors shown to me. The site just hangs and I have to figure out why myself.

One I just found was a missing import. I tried to use a macro but didn't include {% import '_macros' as macros %}

Not only does the site hang, but it also seems to totally snarl up any processes i.e. I have to restart the dev server to see if my fixes have taken.

I actually switched from Nitro to DDEV (as recommended) in an attempt to fix it because I was totally baffled. But it's the same issue with both.

It's probably something silly and hopefully, someone will be able to point me in the right direction.

Please let me know what additional information I can provide.

Many thanks

Craft 3.7.51

Docker 4.11.1 (84025)

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Without feedback from the system I would work from the request to the CMS. My thoughts: did you change your .htaccess recently? Does the request get to Craft CMS? Try by adding a dump and die at a high level and see the output. Did you add any template redirects?

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