I want to use the macro I defined in twig inside a controller or a module. Is that possible?

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Not directly, macros can only be included from within Twig. But you can create a simple wrapper template and render that:

{# my-macro.twig #}

{% macro my_macro(foo = 'bar') %}
    <p>{{ foo }}</p>
{% endmacro %}
{# path/to/macro-wrapper.twig #}

{% from "my-macro.twig" import my_macro %}
{% set foo = foo ?? 'default' %}
{{ my_macro(foo) }}

You can use View::renderTemplate to render the wrapper template:

/** @var \craft\web\View */
$view = Craft::$app->getView();

$view->renderTemplate('path/to/macro-wrapper.twig', [
    'foo' => 'baz'
], \craft\web\View::TEMPLATE_MODE_CP);

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