I have been looking for how to retrieve the inserted values when the submission is failed. Other than prepared fields (Name, Email, etc.), the inserted values disappear from the fields.

I already found this post, but those solutions did not work for me. P/T ContactForm Retrieving Custom fields Value after submitting form

My Craft is ver 3.7.50, Contact Form plugin is ver 2.5.1.

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The contact form controller creates a Submission model with the submitted values and provides it to the template as a message variable. You should be able to access this variable inside your template like this:

{% set message = message ?? null %}

This message will contain the native properties (e.g. fromName, fromEmail):

{{ message.fromName }}
{{ message.fromEmail }}

If you use a single textarea field for the message body (name="message"), the value will be available as message.message:

{{ message.message }}

If you use multiple custom fields (message[body], message[phoneNumber]), message.message will be an array with those fields:

{{ message.message.body }}
{{ message.message.phoneNumber }}

One notable caveat is that if you're inside an included template that is included with the option with_context = false, the message variable will not be available. In this case, you have to go through the route manager to access it:

{% set routeParams = craft.app.getUrlManager().getRouteParams() %}
{% set message = routeParams.message ?? null %}

Note that this applies to contact form plugin version <=3.0.0. For 3.0.0 and above, the variable has been renamed to submission, see the changelog for details.

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    Thank you very much, it works as I wanted.
    – Kota.M
    Aug 3, 2022 at 20:04

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