I need help getting an admin user logged in. The password was reset and doesn't work. After resetting the admin user password using forgot password, I get prompted with Invalid username or password. I can verify the password is updating in the DB when I change it via forgot password. Server is PHP 7.3.11 and Craft is 3.5.5. I'm not getting any console errors.

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this is a place for questions rather than bug reports, and it is unclear which this is.

I suggest you start troubleshooting by resetting the password via the users/set-password console command, for example:

php craft users/set-password my-username --password 1234567890

If that doesn't work, for whatever reason, then perhaps the user record has somehow been corrupted, in which case it may be better to simply create a new admin user.

php craft users/create --admin

Here are the docs for the users commands, for reference: https://craftcms.com/docs/4.x/console-commands.html#users

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