The goal is to get a list of entry types for a section, so that a user can filter entires by entry type e.g.

query Entries {
  entries(section: "content", type: ["news", "article", "video"]) {

I know this can be done template side using getEntryTypes() as per this question - How to list out entry types in a section

However I'm not sure how to do this with GraphQL, is it possible?

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You can query for elements (entries, users, etc.) using Craft's GraphQL API, but not for collections of elements (sections, user groups, etc.).

My suggestion would be to either hard-code these, as I assume they won't change very often, or create a custom API endpoint using a custom module/plugin. See this article for a starting point: https://putyourlightson.com/articles/building-a-restful-api-in-craft-cms

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