It's my first time deploying CraftCMS and I ran into some issues which I don't seem to fix. I'm using Combell to host my website.

  1. I can only access my site when I go to "sitename".be/web/ . The CSS is loading correctly but the images won't show up, I also would like to be "sitename".be/ to be the main path instead of the /web folder.

  2. Suddenly the admin page it's css stopped working and I got around 50 cpresources 403 errors even though I did give the folder the right permissions.

Thank you in advance!

fix Problem two: I managed to fix the second problem, when i set the file permissions it didn't apply to the subdirectories and their contents. So I had to change them one by one.

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About the 1st issue. This is a server misconfiguration issue. You must configure your nginx/apache/another server to point the domain to the /web directory Here is an base example for nginx

server {
    listen      8080 default_server;
    listen      [::]:8080 default_server;
    server_name _;
    root        /www/mysite.be/web;

A similar question has already been asked and another one.

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    You need to point the hosting server to the public directory. On the settings page of the hoster, the domains root directory must be set to "sitename.be/web/" instead of "sitename".be".
    – MisterMike
    Commented Aug 8, 2022 at 14:17

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