I have a channel type entry where I'm inserting services. I have created a channel and add route services/{slug} and added template services\_entry.twig. I want to keep url for single service as services/single-service but want to disable "services" route.

For example:

localhost/services/single-service    // Need to keep it
localhost/services                   // Need to disable

Is it possible in Craft CMS?

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Craft doesn't have any default routes for the frontend. So if you're seeing anything else than a 404 page on your /services route, it's because you've put something there. The routing documentation has a list of possible sources for the content you're seeing for that route. Most likely, you have either:

  • a section with an entry that has services as its URI
  • a template called services.twig in your templates folder
  • or a route matching that URL (defined in the backend or in config/routes.php)

To remove the /services route from the frontend, use the list linked above to find out where it's coming from and then disable it.

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