I'd like to set a variable like "totalCustomers" and then use this throughout our content in different pages and content blocks so that there is one source of truth. Is that possible?

e.g. I define a global variable "totalCustomers" = "10,000"

Then within a new entry I can use this in the heading, something like "We serve [global.totalCustomers] customers daily"

And then in another entry I can use this in some other content "Our [global.totalCustomers] love us"

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You can use reference tags: https://craftcms.com/docs/4.x/reference-tags.html#examples E.g:

  1. Create a Global Set with handle customers
  2. Create a totalCustomers field and assign to said Global Set
  3. Save value to totalCustomers field.
  4. Then use the following ref: {globalset:customers:totalCustomers} as a placeholder on any text field.
  5. When you render the field you'll need to call the parseRefs filter:
entry.myField | parseRefs

You can't directly use like this. but there is way with twig replace. you can use same keyword as above [global.totalCustomers] in your heading or any field. then in twig template query the global and replace this with original count in frontend.

{% set globalCount = globalhandle.totalCustomers %}
{{ entry.heading|replace({'[global.totalCustomers]': globalCount}) }}

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