I am on Craft CMS version 4.0.4. I used the last filter to get the last matrix, but when I tried to get the image, I kept getting an error:

Impossible to access an attribute ("image") on a string variable ("}").

Here's my code

{% set lastBlock = entry.homeHeroBanner|last %}
{% set lastImage = lastBlock.image.first() %}

Anyone know how to get the image from the last matrix block?

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Found how to do it on Craft 4.

{% set numberOfBlocks = entry.homeHeroBanner.count() %}
{% set lastBlock = entry.homeHeroBanner.all()[numberOfBlocks - 1] %}
{% set lastImage = lastBlock.backgroundImage.one() %}

Your original (Craft 3?) code should have been throwing deprecation errors in the control panel (Utilities > Deprecation Errors), because you haven't executed your Element Query (entry.homeHeroBanner). It should be:

{% set lastBlock = entry.homeHeroBanner.all()|last %}
or: {% set lastBlock = entry.homeHeroBanner.inReverse().one() %}

{% set lastImage = lastBlock.image.one() %}

or preferably, with Eager Loading:

{% set lastBlock = entry.homeHeroBanner.with('image').all()|last %}
{% set lastImage = lastBlock.image[0] %}

Strangely enough I answered the same question yesterday - here's a more complete explanation: https://craftcms.stackexchange.com/a/39528/271

Before upgrading to Craft 4 be sure to correct any deprecation errors.

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