Been trying for a wee while, but no joy so far. This worked in Craft 3, but not in Craft 4.

It's a CSS cache buster, I basically want a variable to set in env, then taken into general.php[caveat] and then onto a template.

It seems you cannot have custom variables in Craft 4 in config/general.php. I've created a config/custom.php

// env


// config/custom.php

'variablestored' => getenv('testtest'),


{{ craft.app.config.general.variableStored }}

Results in an error: Calling unknown method: craft\config\GeneralConfig::variableStored()

Many thanks.

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You're still trying to access the custom config settings through the general config, this is what's causing the error. Instead of craft.app.config.general, use craft.app.config.custom:

{{ craft.app.config.custom.variablestored }}

This is covered in the upgrade guide for Craft 4.

Update 2022-06-22: The documentation on configuration settings now mentions custom settings explicitly, including code examples for accessing custom config values in both Twig and PHP.


As highlighted by @MoritzLost, in Twig, you should be calling {{ craft.app.config.custom.myVar }}, not using the GeneralConfig service.

Also worth highlighting, rather than calling getenv() in your custom.php, you can use the App helper, with App::env('testtest').

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