I Have a sprig component that has two variables, but the moment Sprig changes one of them, the other value resets. Please Help


{% extends "_layout/base" %}

{% set wrapClass = 'category' %} 

{% block body %}

    <section class="spacer pt-6"></section>
    {% include "_shared/breadcrumbs" %}
    <section class="spacer pt-6"></section>
    {{sprig("_shared/sprig2", {count: 20 })}}

{% endblock %}


{% set count = count ?? 12 %}
{% set offset = offset ?? 0 %}

<button sprig  s-val:count="{{ count + 3 }}">three more..

    <button sprig s-val:offset="{{ offset + 3 }}">three more..

{{ sprig.script }}

In this example, If I click count, offset resets and if I do offset, the count resets, Please Help.

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You can maintain state within your component either by using a hidden input field:

{{ hiddenInput('count', count) }}

Or by adding another s-val attribute to each button.

<button sprig s-val:count="{{ count + 3 }}" s-val:offset="{{ offset }}">

<button sprig s-val:offset="{{ offset + 3 }}" s-val:count="{{ count }}">

Since s-val is inherited, you can add it to a parent element for convenience.

<div s-val:count="{{ count }}" s-val:offset="{{ offset }}">

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