I'm having absolute brain fog right now.

I'm trying to show a list of entries with a given postDate

{% set startDate = startDate ?? now|date('Y-m-d') %}

.section(['jobs', 'userPostedJobs'])
.postDate(">=" ~ startDate)

Am I right in saying though that if my date was 2022-04-16 that this would include all entries after that date also?

Have also looked at .postDate(['and', ">= #{startDate}", "< #{startDate}"]) that yields no results

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You’d need to define a range that begins today and ends tomorrow.

{% set startDate = startDate ?? now %}
{% set endDate = startDate|date_modify('+1 day') %}

{% set entries = craft.entries()
  .section(['jobs', 'userPostedJobs'])
    ">= #{startDate|date('Y-m-d')}",
    "< #{endDate|date('Y-m-d')}"
  .all() %}

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