In Products (Craft Commerce), I've set custom fields. Some are texts, some are related to a Category. Actually, there's 2 different categories per variant...

In order to draw the fields, I need to retrieve each category of each variant. enter image description here

Looping thru variants to show text fields is no brainer, but I can't manage to get any category object.

Here's the variant definition:

enter image description here

And the code I put to show what's going on.

{% for variant in product.getVariants() %}
  {{ variant.id }} - {{ variant.sku }} - {{ variant.vendorLength }}
{# This show a CategoryQuery Object #}
  {{ variant.attributeGrainWay }}<br><hr>

{# This show a CategoryQuery Object as well... #}
{% set abc = craft.categories.group('woodGrainOrientation').relatedTo(variant.attributeGrainWay) %}
<pre>{{ abc }}</pre>

No matter what, I can't manage to get what I need. Here's a sample output. enter image description here

As always, your help is greatly appreciated.


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You haven't executed your category query. Add an execution method to the end of the query, such as .all() or .one(). https://craftcms.com/docs/3.x/element-queries.html#executing-element-queries

  • I can't believe my very eyes !!!! :D I'm good with PHP but obviously lack a few (a lot) notions of twig ! I think I tried different things, like variant.myObject.find() and craft.categories.group... without success... Sure enough YOUR SOLUTION WORKS JUST FINE ! Thanks again, a thank you for all of us sharing your knowledge to make other's life simplier ! :D Commented Apr 21, 2022 at 11:56

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